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Make Plushie 3D models

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    • Converting a 2D design into a 3D view is an important step for manufacturers like us.
      It provides more comprehensive and accurate information about the design and helps us to better understand and make plush toys.🎨🖌
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    • 2D design drawings are created by the customer. It usually includes the outline of the toy's appearance, detailed features and decorative elements. We will convert the 2D design drawing into a 3D view. This process is usually done through the use of computer-aided design software. The designer will create a virtual 3D model in the software based on the dimensions and proportions of the 2D design drawing.
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    • ❤In the 3D view, the designer can rotate and scale the toy at all angles to get a better idea of the toy's appearance and structure. Designers can also add elements such as materials, colors, and textures to make the 3D model more realistic, and through this process we can more accurately create a plush toy that meets the design requirements.