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Share some of the basic knowledge about Common Tag Material, hope these will give you guys some help.
Gaopeng Toy05k55 Gaopeng Toy05k55

White Cardboard

White cardboard is a kind of thick and strong pure high-quality wood pulp made of white cardboard, mainly used for printing business cards, invitations, certificates, trademarks, and packaging and decoration.
Gaopeng Toy06gep Gaopeng Toy06gep

Black Cardstock

Colored cardstock is a different color on the top, red is a red card, green is a green card, and black is a black cardstock.
Gaopeng Toy07gwh Gaopeng Toy07gwh

Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper is made of hanging paper and corrugated paper formed by corrugating roller processing and bonding of corrugated paper. Corrugated paper has the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy processing, high strength, excellent printing adaptability, convenient storage and handling.
Gaopeng Toy08rsk Gaopeng Toy08rsk

Coated Paper

Coated paper is also known as coated printing paper, which is a printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Coated paper has the advantages of cheap price, good color reproduction, moderate thickness and so on.
Gaopeng Toy01e78 Gaopeng Toy01e78

Kraft Paper

Usually used as packing material) The intensity is high. It is usually yellowish brown. Kraft paper is flexible and strong, high rupture resistance, and can withstand greater tension and pressure without rupture.
Gaopeng Toy025oc Gaopeng Toy025oc

Special Paper

Special paper is the use of different fibers to make paper with special functions, such as the use of synthetic fibers alone, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp and other raw materials, with different materials for modification or processing.
Gaopeng Toy03wxm Gaopeng Toy03wxm

Gold Card Paper

Gold and silver cardboard is cardboard with a gold or silver surface, the surface of the cardstock is affixed with a layer of aluminum foil, silver card paper, gold card paper.
Gaopeng Toy04270 Gaopeng Toy04270

Other Materials

Please contact your business manager if necessary.