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Do you want to get your own custom plush?


Here are the steps to follow

What plush you want to make?

Determine the design.Think about what you want your custom plush to look like and what the size? Do you want it to be based on a character, an animal, or something completely unique?Is it copyrighted? If the design does not belong to you, we can only make one piece as a collection, not for you to make and sell in bulk for profit, I hope you can understand.

Here are some reference examples created by ourselves :

Custom Plush Toys
Custom Plush Toys
Custom Plush Toys
Custom Plush Toys

Where can you buy custom plush?

For businesses looking to create high-quality plush toys or stuffed animals, finding a reliable plush manufacturer can be a challenging task. It's important to research potential companies before reaching out to them. Look for manufacturers with a good reputation and experience in producing quality plush toys. Check their client list, and review their previous work to determine if they have experience producing the types of products you're looking for.

Choosing the perfect toy for your plush design could be challenging, especially with the endless options available on the market. However, you can find many good reviews to us(Gaopeng Toys) in our social media account.More of our customers' plushies and feedbacks can be found in Instagram stories.


How to place a custom plush order?

We will provide you with a quote based on your design specifications.Provide us with your design specifications. This can include details such as size, color, and any unique features you want the plush to have. Make sure to factor in the cost of materials, labor, and shipping.

If you are happy with the quote, you can place your order with us. We will then begin creating your one-of-a-kind custom plush toy.Once we has completed your custom plush toy, we will send you a prototype for your review. If you are happy with the way it looks, you can give the go-ahead to proceed with the final product. Once the final product is complete, we will ship it to you. Enjoy your unique and personalized custom plush toy!

When can you receive your plush?

General sample time is 7-20 working days, mass production time is generally about a month, depending on the actual situation, can be modified for free but will affect the delivery time. Shipping time depends on location. Please allow 2-4 weeks for snail mail shipping.

Minimum Order Quantity

We don't have custom MOQ you can place a sample order for quality testing. ️For mass production, we recommend you make at least 50 pcs so that we can give you a good price, the more you make the cheaper the unit price will be.

Why choose us?

Whether you are trying to custom a plush for the first time or need professional mass production, our team will assist you all the time from providing the design to the delivery of the finished products.

*We can provide you with a variety of materials and processes .

*Our factory has its own embroidery and printing department. This will make our production efficiency very high.

*Our designers are experienced and our quality inspection department will strictly inspect the quality of the product.

*We provide Good Service and treat clients as good friend and partner

*For Goods, with strict quality control system and good reputation in the market.

*Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder (Long-term cooperation)

Advanced Production Line

With more than 20 years of manufacturing history,the company has a complete design and sales system, an advanced production line and can accept sample customization and mass production of plush related products. The whole process adopts automatic production, it uses electric embroidery, silk screen thermal transfer technology, exquisite workmanship to make their products to make sure them highly ornamental.

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Packing & Shipping

Sustainable Sample Bags Made From Recycled Materials.
Made entirely from recycled materials, these bags offer ample space for our customers to try out our products without creating additional waste. We believe that small steps like this can go a long way in promoting sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Newest Axie Infinity Plush Toys (2)

Bulk orders are packing according to customer's request.

Newest Axie Infinity Plush Toys

Different delivery options. We can provide air, sea, railway freight for all your requirements!

Newest Axie Infinity Plush Toys (2)

We have cooperated with international express company like Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, Aramex.

Newest Axie Infinity Plush Toys